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Unix Certification Puts You At A Higher Pay Grade

UNIX is the original operating based system. Long before Linux, Ubuntu, Solaris, AIX or HP-UX came on the scene, Unix was the king. In fact, Linux is not a Unix system, it is called a UNIX-like system, which is an important distinction. Unix was developed in 1969 and has been going strong every since.

Based on the idea of keeping things small and self sufficient, UNIX is great for both servers and workstations, but does require administrators to keep it working the way that it is supposed to. Many IT professionals are UNIX experts without any Unix Certification at all, which has opened up the debate as to whether certification is actually necessary.

Many jobs require that their technical personnel pass the required exam tests and receive certification. However, when UNIX based systems first started appearing in the workplace, administrators stepped into their roles with no formal training and no certifications to back them up. Over the years, however, IT has become a very specialized area, with specialized segments, and it does seem that in order to receive the full value of your work, you should get a Unix Certification if you want to continue to stay relevant in your field.

Many UNIX administrators are not getting paid their worth because they started their work years ago and stayed with the same company and rather than getting their Unix Certification they chose to stay where they were. This does not make them any less skilled than a certified administrator, in fact many IT professionals would argue that experience is better than simple training and certification. However, as far as the business world is concerned, training and certifications means that you know what you should about a job (whether that is true or not is not the point).

The Linux Professional Institute (LPI for short) is a non-profit providing professional certification for Linux system programmers and administrators, and the LPIC (Linux Professional Institute Certifications) is a qualification indicating that the person is competent at a particular level.

Getting training tutorials and certification for UNIX is not that difficult. Most colleges offer UNIX training and there are many technical schools that offer it as well. Getting your Unix Certification is more about a matter of time and money, rather than where it can be done. Once you get your certification, you can start applying for the higher dollar jobs that require their UNIX administrators to be certified in their fields.


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