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Sair Linux Certification Offers Unique Perspective

As more and more businesses begin to rely more heavily on Linux-based platforms for their business applications, there is an increasing demand for IT professionals who are well versed in Linux. Seeing an opportunity to provide some sort of measurability for Linux trained professionals, several companies have developed Linux training courses and tests designed to measure proficiency and offer Linux certifications.

Among the offerings are those by the Linux Professional Institute (LPI), Computer Technology Industry Association, Red Hat, Inc., Novell, Inc., and Sair Linux Certification courses. Each of these programs has their own curriculum, forums and focuses of study, directed at what they deem to be of the highest priority.

The programs available are nearly as varied as the Linux platform. Some focus on specific packages and distribution systems and gear their curriculum and testing towards very specific aspects of Linux delivery. For instance, while Sair Linux certification focuses on understanding the basic concepts at work in all of the 100 plus distributions, Red Hat goes more in depth and looks at very specific distributions they feel deserve more attention.

An IT professional should weigh his/her goals and ambitions and act accordingly when selecting which Linux certification program is right for them.

Each program presents its own challenges and rewards. More importantly, however, is the fact that each program provides a level of professional achievement which is instantly recognizable by those in the industry, be they peers, subordinates or hiring managers. To focus specifically on Sair Linux certification courses, let's look at the varying levels of certifications within Sair's programs:  Level I- Sair Linux & GNU Certified Administrator (LCA); Level II- Sair Linux and GNU Certified Engineer (LCE); and Level III- Sair Linux & GNU Master Certified Engineer (MLCE).

If current trends continue, Linux will continue to reassert and expand its footprint in the corporate world. Its utility has transformed it from obscure operating system used only by true geeks to a necessity to transforming business. The demand for IT professionals who can competently design, manage, and troubleshoot new Linux-based applications will increase exponentially.

Sair Linux certification courses seem to offer a highly adaptable knowledge base for IT professionals who wish to familiarize themselves with Linux. This seems especially true for professionals who aren't currently employed by a company that utilizes one of the distributions focused on by a program like Red Hat. Going forward, Linux is definitely a platform that any serious IT professional should get intimately acquainted with. It is only a matter of time before the industry demands it.


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