Linux Certification

Linux Jobs Vs Unix Jobs

Linux Jobs Vs Unix Jobs

There are so many different types of IT technicians and IT professionals in the IT world, that it is hard to keep up. IT jobs focus around two main areas: Linux and Unix. When it comes to comparing Linux Jobs Vs Unix Jobs, there is not much difference. Both focus on operating systems that have the same basic components.

IT professionals searching for a job need the same credentials whether applying for unix or linux jobs. The same certifications are useful in either career and advancing education is important to all employers. There is still a difference between linux and unix.

Unix was established in 1970 as a small operating system for AT&T Bell Labs. The programming language was not the norm at the time and was considered visionary. This system was able to break away from its original mainframe hardware and continue to function. At the same time the academic community created a variant called the Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD). The two versions eventually merged and kept the Unix name.

Linux was established much later than Unix in 1991. Linux used components of BSD and made an operating system that was modifiable. There are different components available to set up an operating system and Linux allows users to combine those components as they please. The name is the Linux Kernel. There are many different distributors of Linux, all able to sell the kernel and allow users to create their own operating system.

When it comes to the job market there is not much difference between Linux Jobs Vs Unix Jobs. Both types of jobs require knowledge in operating systems and all information that make them function. The main difference is that Linux jobs are more hands-on in the setting up the operating system.

Figuring out which components the company needs. Unix jobs have the operating system already set up and functioning. Each job requires knowledge that can be gathered from certification courses and furthering education. Linux certification is available to individuals interested in creating operating systems.

No matter how an individual enters the IT profession, it is important to know what type of work they are interested in. There is not much of a battle between Linux Jobs Vs Unix Jobs. Operating systems have the same functions and maintence that any IT administrator can learn and operate well.

Continuing certifications will help to open up opportunities and advance careers. The same credentials apply to any IT career.


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