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In today’s Information Technology climate, there are many varying levels of capabilities among IT professionals. Similarly, there are countless numbers of people who have some level of familiarity with the Linux operating system, ranging from the casual dabbler to the certified engineer. One of the most important developments in the field has been the emergence of Linux certification courses.

The programs have a great deal of variation, based on who designed it and what aspects of Linux they view as being most important. For example, Ubuntu is a Linux based operating system which is very suitable both for laptops as well as desk top computers and manframe servers and it includes all the applications needed by most users such as a web browser, document handling, spread-sheet and presentation software, as well as instant messaging and so on.
Even with the variation, the programs provide some much needed measurability when assessing a potential employee's skill level.

Potential employees are constantly trying to gain a competitive advantage over other job seekers. IT professionals within an organization are always trying to gain an edge over their coworkers to present themselves as deserving of the next big promotion. One way to do this is to earn a certification through one of the many Linux certification courses.

Possessing knowledge is advantageous, but in the job search or when competing for a raise, it means very little if you cannot prove you have it. Certification provides the documentation you need to prove you have the know-how and experience needed to fulfill expectations. LPIC (Linux Professional Institute Certifications) offers a qualification that indicates the person is competent at a certain level, and the Linux Professional Institute (abbreviated to LPI) is a non-profit that provides professional certification for Linux programmers and administrators.

Another non-profit, Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) offers a wide range of certification exams such as CompTIAA+ for enty level IT people, as well as other certifications ranging from networking, computer security, managing RAID, SCSI servers, Linux+, RFID+ for maintenace and repair, convergence, document imaging, etc..

Employers who are seeking to fill IT positions are faced with a huge task. They must measure personality, job performance history, education, and countless other measures. It is very difficult to find the "perfect" candidate consistently, and impossible to do it every time they hire.

The great thing about Linux certification courses is that they take one of the biggest variables, applicant abilities, and allows you to measure them effectively. Not only does it offer measurability, but it does not require the hiring manager to administer some sort of proficiency exam they themselves likely do not fully understand.

With more and more business platforms switching operating systems, from Windows to Linux, Linux certainly seems to be the wave of the future. As the trend continues, more and more IT professionals are becoming increasingly familiar with Linux and the intricacies of an open source operating system.

Linux certification courses offer tremendous benefits to employees and employers alike. If an IT professional wants to be competitive, going forward, certification will be almost a necessity. After all, while "what you know" is important, equally important is being able to prove it.


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