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Only You Can Decide If You Need Linux Certification

Linux administrators are becoming more in demand year after year as the Linux and Ubuntu based operating (which is also part of Unix) systems become more popular and more readily available in many different types of computer systems from networks to net book and really anything in between.

This begs the question then of whether Linux Certification is necessary in order to work as a Linux administrator.

The answer that you get for that might surprise you and it is based largely on where you want to work.

Often when you see a job description online for a Linux administrator the description will ask for a Linux Certification.

The certification type might vary depending on how complex the position from requirements of certification in Linux+ to RHCSS, which is the most comprehensive certification.

However, often you will find that IT companies do not require any certification at all, only a demonstrated ability to work with Linux and make it do what it supposed to.

The reason for this is that an HR professional has no clue what it takes to be a good Linux administrator and will base a lot of their belief in a person's ability based on the certifications and training that they have.

This means that it is up to you to determine whether or not you need a Linux Certification or if you want your experience to speak for itself when you are looking for a job.

In a nutshell, no one can make that decision but you.

However, if you want to be certified in Linux, then you are going to have to use one of the four companies that offer certification: Comp TIA, LPI, Novell Corporation and RedHat, Inc.

You also need to understand that the cost for certification ranges from about $250 for the Linux + certification to about $4,000 for the RHCA.

The RHCE is the most recognized exam for being the most comprehensive and providing a true test of an administrators abilities.

Choosing the best certification will have a lot to do with what you want to earn and who you want to work for.

You can check online for training institutions as well as for self-learning applications.

You should also check forums online to see what other people recommend and what their experiences have been with specific training and certification companies.

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How To Get A Red Hat Linux Certification

By Benjamin Brumm
So, you're thinking of getting a Linux certification, but not sure how? Don't worry, it's a common question. I've written this post to help answer some of the questions you may have in this area.

Linux Certification Courses Benefits IT Professionals

By Dean Forster
Taking Linux certification courses and becoming qualified opens up new employment opportunities. Achieving Linux certification is important for IT professionals who want a way to prove to potential employers that they can manage, maintain, and troubleshoot the Linux operating system in an actual business environment.

How Valuable is Linux Certification?

By Diana Dawn Paller
Acquiring an international certification or becoming certified indicates that you have completed the primary steps and have the sufficient knowledge required in order to become certified. It simply proves that you are good in your field being an IT professional. A certification like Linux certification simply proves to your employer and your clients that your expertise and skills are being recognized by an international certification like Linux and is really beneficial to the IT people.

Linux Certification Courses Increase Your Value As a Linux Administrator

By Steven Blackwell
When it comes to becoming a Linux certified professional, you will probably have to attend training courses to learn what you need to know. If you are new to Linux, there is no "probably" about it, you will want to get trained in this lucrative field.

The in Depth Analysis of the Linux Certification

By Rajesh Tiwari
The skills which are needed for the technical workman ship can be tested only through credibility which is provided by the professionals having Linux certification. Thus, the entire segregation of professionals, well conversant with the Linux skills has become the new trend in the IT market.

Linux Certification - Pathway To A New Horizon Of Success

By Anthony David Hopkins
Training courses are a must in case of Linux Certifications as there are many basic concepts in this certification program that even a professional might have forgotten during his life. Linux certification courses are also very helpful for certain less important fields that remain ignored otherwise, but are necessary part of the final examination. Different Linux tests are accessible according to the levels of skills of the candidates and candidates can select the tests in accordance with their own abilities.

What is Linux Certification?

By Nghia Bui
The Linux certification is one of those certifications which can boost up and which add to the credibility of a certain professional and which give proof that someone possesses a good technical skill. This certification which is provided by some institutes are taken very seriously by the well-known and leading companies and organizations of the IT sector and thus, the professional is said to be good in his field.

Linux Certifications - The Deeper Understanding!

By Diana Dawn Paller
We can hear lots of IT people who are craving to become certified in any of the international certification. Well, it is not a new story anymore. Getting through things in the best that we can in order to have a well organized career is a dream of the mankind. No one dreams to stay starving if we can still do meaningful ways to have a better life. Finding a better job would be the first step towards a good career but validating your skills with Linux certification will be better for you.

How to Pass the Linux+ Certification Exam

By Crystal J. Briscoe
Linux+ certification is the brain child of the Computing Technology Industry Association which is commonly known as CompTIA. The Linux+ certification is termed as a vendor neutral certification exam as it is not one that complies with a particular retailer's software or hardware. This exam is considered to be the most different type of examination when we talk about the Information technology industry.

Understanding Linux Plus Certification

By Herry Lance
Linux+ certification is a vendor-neutral certification designed and administered by the Computing Technology Industry Association, affectionately known as CompTIA. It's considered vendor-neutral because the exam isn't based on one particular vendor's hardware or software.

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